This function sets the parameters of a section feed. Any filtering in progress on the section feed must be stopped before calling this function. If descrambling is enabled, the payload_scrambling_control and address_scrambling_control fields of received DVB datagram sections should be observed. If either one is non-zero, the section should be descrambled either in hardware or using the functions descramble_mac_address() and descramble_section_payload() of the demux API. Note that according to the MPEG-2 Systems specification, only the payloads of private sections can be scrambled while the rest of the section data must be sent in the clear.


int set(dmx_section_feed_t⋆ feed, __u16 pid, size_t circular_buffer_size, int descramble, int check_crc);


dmx_section_feed_t* feed

Pointer to the section feed API and instance data.

__u16 pid

PID value to filter; only the TS packets carrying the specified PID will be accepted.

size_t circular_buffer_size

Size of the circular buffer for filtered sections.

int descramble

If non-zero, descramble any sections that are scrambled.

int check_crc

If non-zero, check the CRC values of filtered sections.



The function was completed without errors.


Not enough memory for the requested buffer size.


No descrambling facility available for sections.


Bad parameters.