Chapter 14. DVB Network API

Table of Contents

DVB Net Data Types
struct dvb_net_if
DVB net Function Calls

The DVB net device enables feeding of MPE (multi protocol encapsulation) packets received via DVB into the Linux network protocol stack, e.g. for internet via satellite applications. It can be accessed through /dev/dvb/adapter0/net0. Data types and and ioctl definitions can be accessed by including linux/dvb/net.h in your application.

DVB Net Data Types

struct dvb_net_if

struct dvb_net_if {
	__u16 pid;
	__u16 if_num;
	__u8  feedtype;
#define DVB_NET_FEEDTYPE_MPE 0	/⋆ multi protocol encapsulation ⋆/
#define DVB_NET_FEEDTYPE_ULE 1	/⋆ ultra lightweight encapsulation ⋆/